Aline Fruchter M.S.1

Aline’s Passion for helping her clients is obvious from the moment you meet her. Her treatment approach is based on humanistic principles combined with proven, evidence-based treatments. She believes that every person is a unique human being that should be recognized and treated that way. She formulates an individualized treatment plan specifically targeted to each person’s needs.
Aline’s training is in clinical psychology, pursuant to a Ph.D. It and encompasses a broad range of issues: anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia disorder, in addition to addiction issues. She has additional training in special education, personality and cognitive assessments.

On a personal side, she loves to paint and play piano. She has three children who also love art and play guitar, piano, and drums. Aline is passionate about mental health and helping people along their healing journey. This passion extends to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and client advocacy.






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